Peachtree Mechanical believes in comprehensive pre-construction planning



Utilizing our own in-house expertise, we bring together our construction project team, the owner, architect, consultants and major subcontractors to discuss effective strategies for communication, site layout/conditions, value engineering, constructibility, cost/schedule studies, and procurement of long lead time items, as well as plans for safety, productivity, quality control and testing.

Increasingly, many owners are utilizing the design/build process in which an owner does not have to dedicate, develop, or commit personnel resources to the process of selection and management of a construction team. Peachtree Mechanical has the ability to be responsible for the entire design and construction process. With the needs of the owner in mind, Peachtree supervises the overall architectural, engineering, building and inspection from the beginning to the end of the project. Architectural, Structural and MEP modeling (BIM).

With our team of architects and engineers, we can generate the most efficient building design. By creating effective drawings for review, we can use the most efficient, reliable and cost effective means to establish a great project design. With this tool we can visualize the building’s overall design, the building's performance and improve the process of constructing a solid efficient building.

With the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), the standard use of 2D modeling can be replaced by the BIM system. By using BIM, we can demonstrate and prove effectiveness and efficiency before any physical construction is started. The use of 3D (BIM) modeling allows us - and the owner - to visualize and create the best design for the project. This system creates the opportunity to fast-track any project and allows opportunities for expedited scheduling, reduced costs, and less waste.

Key reasons for using BIM include:

  • Designer, contractor and owner are able to review design and identify any issues prior to construction.
  • BIM provides a better visual and understanding of the overall scope of the project and everything that is included in the project.
  • BIM allows effective sequencing and scheduling of projects.
  • 3 D imaging improves communication with other trades to eliminate cross design errors.
  • BIM streamlines and speeds up the construction process by providing all parties access for coordination and shop fabrication.
  • Pre-fabrication creates better quality control and a better safety environment for the workplace.
  • 3D modeling improves overall success rate for each project by eliminating waste.

The Peachtree team is always evaluating and improving the ways to manage, build, and deliver projects for our clients. We at Peachtree have the capability to provide complete 3D BIM modeling, including extensive or minor required Architectural, Structural and MEP selections for both new and renovation projects.