USPS P&DC – HVAC Replacement and Controls Upgrades

Location: West Columbia, SC

Role: General Contractor

  • Self-Perform: Mechanical
  • Self-Perform: Electrical

Project Details

The USPS P&DC Facility in West Columbia was experiencing several cooling issues with their process equipment as well as conditioned office spaces. The existing Trane chillers were not properly functioning. Peachtree provided temporary cooling measures during the initial equipment changeout process. Shutdowns and pipe taps had to be coordinated in order to not impact mail processing equipment. Any shutdown of process equipment would have had major impacts to the facility financially as well.

The construction scope involved replacing the existing chiller plant system with 3 new 450-ton mag bearing centrifugal chillers, 3 cooling towers, 3 chilled water pumps, 3 condenser water pumps, and all associated appurtenances, trim, and accessories. The project also involved the replacement of the existing air separator, filtration, and water treatment equipment associated with the condenser water system. The control systems associated with all the above equipment was upgraded to match the more recent energy upgrade carried out in the rest of the facility. Several installations had to be coordinated and scheduled for this one holiday, to not impact facility operations. The project was completed ahead of original project schedules.