USPS HVAC Upgrades

Location: Charleston, SC

Role: General Contractor

  • Self-Perform: Mechanical
  • Self-Perform: Electrical

Project Details

Peachtree Mechanical Inc self-performed this project, which involved general HVAC upgrades at the USPS facility in Charleston SC. The general scope of work of this project included: Removal of 3 existing cooling towers, installation of a new 2 cell cooling tower, Installed New Structural Platform fabricated for the new tower cells. Removal of existing redundant chiller and refurbishment of existing pumps in the chiller plant. Installation of 7 new air handlers with VFDs and strategic vent hoods throughout the facility to accommodate economizer mode when needed. Refurbishment of 3 existing air handlers and installation of 2 CRAC units and Fan coil units in IT areas, which included ductwork modifications and coordination on the workroom floors during off-peak hours of processing times. Upgrades to the existing Johnson Controls BAS System

All new equipment required new electrical feeders in strategic locations. Transformers and sub panels were installed as required to accomplish refeeding and any 208/120 load requirements in the mezzanines on each side of the building.