Maxwell Air Force Base – Chiller Replacement

Location: Montgomery, AL

Role: General Contractor

  • Self-Perform: Mechanical
  • Self-Perform: Electrical
  • Self-Perform: Plumbing

Project Details

Peachtree Mechanical Inc. was contracted under a firm fixed price to upgrade the Maxwell Air Force Base BLDG 1410 Energy Plant. This historical chiller plant was built in the early 1950’s as an old steam boiler plant and converted later in the 1970’s as a chiller plant dedicated for the east side of the entire air force base. This plant served over 30 critical and operational facilities on the base which included Airforce Training and Central Command Facilities. Due to the critical environment requirements and the demands of this project, Peachtree Mechanical was selected by the government to perform this project under a source selection process. The project required Peachtree Mechanical to temporarily supply 6000 tons of chilled water capacity by providing temporary air-cooled chillers and utilities to the base while construction activities could be performed. The work for this project included excavation of underground high voltage duct banks, new transformers, concrete pads for all of the new equipment for the project. The project required new air handlers, new chilled, and condenser water pumps, 6 each 1000-ton chillers and 6000 tons of cooling towers with all infrastructure modifications required for the equipment. Our project also included a completely new designed Direct Digital Controls System. Electrical modifications were required to remove the existing 4160 Volt system and we provided a new 480 Volt system. This work included Peachtree installing (2) new 4160-amp services, new 3000-amp service and a new 1200-amp feeder to the new chillers. The new chillers were connected to a 4000-amp service with new 3000-amp 480-volt service that replaced the existing 4160 switch and we provided a step-down transformer for this service. This change out required a complete plant shut down to remove the existing 4160 service. New 480 transition sections were installed to the existing 480-volt switchboard.