Federal Aviation Administration – ZTL ARTCC

Location: Hampton, GA

Role: General Contractor

  • Self-Perform: Mechanical
  • Self-Perform: Electrical
  • Self-Perform: Plumbing

Project Details

This project involved a major renovation to the existing administration wing of the Air Route Traffic Control Center in Hampton GA. The work area consisted of over 40,000 square feet of occupied spaces. Work included asbestos abatement, mold remediation, demolition of existing finishes, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical upgrades, test and balance, fire protection design and installation, new DDC controls, new interior finishes, glazing, installation of new framed walls and doors, mechanical insulation, and ADA repairs. The project was organized into 5 phases comprised of day and evening shifts to ensure optimal time management.

In addition to serving as prime contractor for this contract, Peachtree self-performed all HVAC piping, plumbing piping, and HVAC equipment installations for this project. Additional HVAC work included the replacement of 5 existing air-handling units, which served office spaces on the basement, first, and second floors, as well as recreational and cafeteria areas. The existing pneumatic control system was then demolished and upgraded to new DDC system standards, utilizing TAC systems, and twenty-eight fan-coil units were installed in various zones for specific heating/cooling needs. Additionally, the entire piping system for the administration building was demolished and replaced in order to supply chilled and hot water to various areas of the building.