Federal Aviation Administration – TRACON HVAC MODERNIZATION

Location: TRACON Facility, Peachtree City, GA

Role: General Contractor

  • Self-Perform: Mechanical
  • Self-Perform: Electrical
  • Self-Perform: Plumbing

Project Details

For this project, Peachtree Mechanical participated in the modernization and replacement at the FAA Tracon Facility in Peachtree City, GA. The modernization included replacing the existing 230-ton chiller with a 230-ton water cooled, magnetic bearing, variable speed centrifugal chiller, with upgrades to the associated VAV, electrical, DDC controls, and refrigerant monitor system. The scope of work included: demolition of the existing chiller, installation of the new chiller, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire safety, and controls.